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Dams Engineering

The design of dams has always been one of the firm's core activities.
Studio Pietrangeli’s first projects, in the 1960s, were the Legadadi and Busalletta dams (Ethiopia and Italy respectively). 
The innovative technical solutions adopted at that time to solve complex engineering problems started our tradition of continuous innovation and research of the highest professional quality.
Today, after more than 4 decades of activity, SP has successfully designed over 160 dams in 25 countries.


Several of our projects are “world records”. The Gibe III dam, with a final height of 240 m, will be the world’s highest RCC dam. Grand Ethiopian Renaissance on the river Nile will be the highest gravity dam in Africa and one of the largest in the world.


From the initial conceptual phase of a new dam project up to the final monitoring of the works in operation, Studio Pietrangeli offers all the consulting engineering services for the design, supervision of works and monitoring, including investigations, environmental studies, contract documents, etc..
SP has designed dams of all types including arch, gravity, arch-gravity, buttress, earthfill, rockfill with bituminous facing and concrete.
Studio Pietrangeli’s staff includes international consultants in the required specialized domains, coordinated and directed by the chief engineers of the firm having more than 45 years’ of experience in the field. Our senior engineers work side by side with passion and enthusiasm with junior engineers who are embarking on this fascinating profession.
The firm’s best business card is its innovative projects, brought to successful completion through a strong partnership with clients, together with the large and complex projects which have been accomplished.

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    Earthfill Dam

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    Hollow Gravity Dam

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    Rockfill Dam

  • Batoka Project
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    Batoka Gorge

    RCC Arch-Gravity Dam

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    Multi-purpose Project

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    Hydropower Plant

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    Hydropower Plant

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    Gravity dam

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    Rockfill dam

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    Hydropower Plant

  • Dire Dam
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    Dire Dam

    Earthfill Dam

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    Earthfill Dam

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    Gibe II

    Hydropower Plant

  • GIBE III, ETHIOPIA, Matteo Renzi
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    Gibe III

    Hydropower Plant

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    Gibe V

    Multi-purpose Hydraulic Project

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    Gilgel Gibe

    Hydropower Plant

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    Hydroelectric Power Plant

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    Water supply

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    Rockfill dam

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    Rockfill dam

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    Hollow Gravity Dam

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    Gravity dam

  • lufubu
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    hydroelectric project

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    Gravity dam upgrade

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    Rio Grande

    Pumped Storage Plant

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