• Studio Pietrangeli Consultants Engineers Large Hydraulic Works
  • Studio Pietrangeli Consultants Engineers Large Hydraulic Works

Hydraulic Works

During the course of the years, SP has designed all types of hydraulic projects from water supply systems to tourist marinas, irrigation plants and waste water treatment plants, etc..


SP has recently been appointed by the Kerio Valley Development Authority to design and supervise the construction of Phase III of the Sigor Wei Wei project in Kenya. This integrated development project, financed by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development includes irrigation of 326 Ha and drainage works covering 1000 Ha.

Water Supply

The water supply projects of Bwari in Nigeria and Kabwe in Zambia and the rehabilitation of the Beirut water supply system represent the firm’s most important projects in this sector.
The most modern and sophisticated measurements and analyses are possible thanks to SP’s extensive use of the most avant-garde control and measurement systems together with the firm’s cutting-edge software and very large historical archives.

  • rockfill dam with bituminous facing - Arcichiaro - Concrete Dam design firm Studio Pietrangeli - Dams engineers - dams engineering firm


    Rockfill Dam

  • Beirut Lebanon



  • Bwari pipe Nigeria



  • Map Giurgiu Rasmiresti  Romania

    Giurgiu Ramiresti


  • Overflow dam design - water supply -  Concrete gravity overflow dam Kabwe, Zambia Africa - Concrete dams design - Studio Pietrangeli dams conslutants engineers in Africa, Zambia dam consultancy firm overflow dam design


    Water supply

  • Hydropower plant of Kalivac - Hydroelectric power plant - Concrete Gravity Dam - Albania, Europe - Photo


    Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • Water Supply - Hydraulic project design consultin engineers - Studio Pietrangeli leading dam and hydro power plant design firm in Africa and europe

    Lower Diamphwe

    Multi-purpose hydroelectric project

  • Water Supply - domestic water supply pipeline for the city of Lusaka, Zambia - Studio Pietrangeli Dams Consultants in Africa and Europe


    Water supply

  • rockfill dam consultant - rockfill dams - gravity dams consultants - concrete dam - dams consultants Studio Pietrangeli - Acqueduct Maswa Tanzania TZ Africa



  • Water Supply - Hydraulic Works for Millennium Park, Nigeria, Africa - Water Supply / Hydraulic project of Studio Pietrangeli

    Millennium Park

    Water Supply

  • Porto Romano Top View

    Porto Romano


  • Roma east Panoramic

    Roma Est

    Sewage Plant

  • gravity dam design - SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT - WATER SUPPLY - large civil works - Tana Beles, Ethiopia, Africa

    Tana Beles

    Multi-purpose Project