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  • Embankment dam design firm - Acerenza, Water storage for irrigation - Earth fill dam with impervious core - Aerial photo . Embankment dam design - Studio Pietrangeli dams engineering

    Earthfill Dam

    Place: Acerenza - Italy


    Description: Water storage plant for irrigation purposes with a reservoir capacity of 42 Mm³

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  • Buttress Gravity dam design - dam design firm - dams consultants - gravity dam - dams engineers Studio Pietrangeli dam design firm

    Alto Temo
    Hollow Gravity Dam

    Place: Province of Sassari - Italy


    Description: Water storage plant for irrigation purposes with a capacity of 90 Mm³

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  • Pumped Storage Plant design - Pumped storage Company - Studio Pietrangeli -  Dam design firm - Mexico, South America - pumped storage hydroelectric plant design  - hydropower engineering

    Pumped Storage Plant

    Place: Guadalajara - Mexico


    Description: Pumped storage plant project (240 MW) envisaged on the shores of Arcediano lake

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  • rockfill dam with bituminous facing - Arcichiaro - Concrete Dam design firm Studio Pietrangeli - Dams engineers - dams engineering firm

    Rockfill Dam

    Place: Guardiaregia - Italy


    Description: Rockfill dam with bituminous facing (BFRd) with a reservoir for irrigation, industrial purposes, water supply and hydropower generation

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  • open Air powerhouse - Hydroelectric engineers - Hydropower Cascade Arda - open Air powerhouse - Studio Pietrangeli hydro consultants

    Arda Cascade
    Hydropower Cascade

    Place: Southern region of Bulgaria


    Description: Hydropower cascade including the existing plants of Karjali (IP = 106 MW), Studen Kladenets (IP = 60 MW), Ivailovgrad (IP = 103 MW) and the planned plants of Madan (IP = 47 MW), Sarnitsa (IP = 69 MW) and Ardino (56 MW + mini-hydro of 2 MW)

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  • Batoka Project

    Batoka Gorge
    RCC Arch-Gravity Dam

    Place: Zambesi River - Zambia and Zimbabwe


    Description: Trans-boundary hydropower plant of 1'600 MW, equally shared among Zambia and Zimbabwe, foreseen on the Zambesi River, between Victoria Falls and the existing Lake Kariba

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  • Beirut Lebanon


    Place: Beirut - Lebanon

    Description: Damage assessment and proposal for rehabilitation works of the capital city water supply system


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  • Hydropower ethiopia Africa - hydropower engineering  in Beles, Ethiopia, Africa - Photo

    Beles Mpp
    Multi-Purpose Project

    Place: Lake Tana - Ethiopia

    Description: Multi-purpose project on Lake Tana, including hydropower plant and irrigation works


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  • Arch Gravity dam of Bosa, Italy - dam design firm - arch gravity dam consultant engineer Studio Pietrangeli  arch gravity dam engineering hydropower hydroelectric consultancy

    Multi-purpose Project

    Place: Bosa - Italy


    Description: Achievement of a reservoir for flood control of the Temo River and following change in destination for water supply and irrigation

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  • Rockfill dams - Hydropower plant design of Bujagali - concrete rockfill dam hydroelectric engineers  hydropower consultants Uganda, Africa - hydro consultancy firm - hydroelectric engineers

    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Jinja - Uganda


    Description: Hydroelectric project on the Victoria Nile River within an installed power of 250 MW

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  • Rockfill dam consultant - Hydroelectric engineers - Hydropower engineering - Rockfill dam with bituminous facing in Bumbuna - Sierra Leone, Africa - concrete dam - hydroelectric engineering - Hydro consultancy firm

    Bumbuna HPP
    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Seli River - Sierra Leone


    Description: Hydropower Plant to be constructed in 5 phases, with an installed power of 275 MW in final phase. The phase 1 scaled down solution (50 MW) was completed

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  • Concrete Gravity dams consultants - Gravity dams engineering - rockfill dams  - gravity dams - Busalletta, Italy Studio Pietrangeli dams consulting engineers consultancy firm

    Gravity dam

    Place: Busalla - Italy


    Description: Dam built to provide a reservoir for the urban water supply of Genoa. The concrete gravity dam is a special structure on deformable foundations

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  • Bwari pipe Nigeria


    Place: Abuja - Nigeria


    Description: Water supply system for the district of Abuja, including pipelines, pumping station, storage and surge tank

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  • Pumped storage company Studio Pietrangeli - pumped storage plant design in Africa and Europe - pumped storage plant of Carpat, Romania

    Carpat PSP
    Pumped Storage Plant

    Place: Romania


    Descrption: Pumped storage plant with an installed power of 300 MW

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  • Rockfill dam with bituminous facing  - Rockfill consultant engineers - rockfill dams design firm - Casteddu rickfill dam - Studio Pietrangeli

    Rockfill dam

    Place: Siliqua - Italy


    Description: Three-dam project for irrigation purposes

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  • Arch dam - arch dam consultant - arch dam engineer - hydropower plant of Chespi -  Ecuador, South America -  Hydroelectric consultants - Studio Pietrangeli Hydropower Consulting dams Engineers

    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Rio Guayllabamba - Ecuador


    Description: Chespi is the first hydroelectric project of the Guayllabamba cascade with an installed power of 468 MW

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  • underground hydropower plant  - Dankali depression, Eritrea - Studio Pietrangeli - Underground hydropower  - water supply

    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Dankali depression - Eritrea


    Description: Multi-purpose project (hydroelectric power plant, water supply, etc.) for the utilization of the Red Sea water

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  • Dire Dam

    Dire Dam
    Earthfill Dam

    Place: Oromia region - Ethiopia


    Description: Earthfill dam with impermeable core for water supply to Addis Ababa and to Dire – Legadadi Aqueduct

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  • Hydropower plant on Djouè river in Brazzaville, Congo, Africa - Studio Pietrangeli Hydroelectric Engineers

    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Brazzaville - Congo


    Description: Djouè river hydroelettric plant (tributary of Congo)

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  • Earthfill dam - water supply - Embankment dam design - Genzano - earthfill dam consultants firm - rockfill dam consultant - dam consultancy firm Studio Pietrangeli dams consultants - dams engineering

    Earthfill Dam

    Place: Genzano - Italy


    Description: Water storage for irrigation, capacity 58 Mm³

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    Gibe II
    Hydropower Plant

    Place : Oromia region - Ethiopia


    Description: Gibe II is the second stage of the Gibe-Omo hydroelectric cascade which includes upstream Gilgel Gibe HPP, in operation, and downstream Gibe III (under completion), Gibe IV and Gibe V (both planned)

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  • GIBE III, ETHIOPIA, Matteo Renzi

    Gibe III
    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Oromia region - Ethiopia


    Description: Gibe III is the third plant of the Gibe-Omo hydroelectric cascade which includes upstream Gilgel Gibe and Gibe II (operating) and downstream Gibe IV and Gibe V (planned)

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  • hydroelectric cascade - hydropower plant - Ethiopia - Multipurpose hydraulic project of Gibe V -  Africa - Studio Pietrangeli Hydroelectric Engineers and Consultants

    Gibe V
    Multi-purpose Hydraulic Project

    Place: Oromia region - Ethiopia


    Description: Gibe V is the fifth stage of the Gibe-Omo hydroelectric cascade which includes Gilgel Gibe, Gibe II (operating), Gibe III (under completion) and Gibe IV (planned)

    more Multi-purpose Hydraulic Project - Gibe V - Read more

  • rockfill dam with bituminous facing - Rockfill dam consultant - dam consultancy firm - hydro consultancy firm - hydroelectric engineers - hydropower consultants - Ethiopia Africa

    Gilgel Gibe
    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Oromia region - Ethiopia


    Description: Hydroelectric power plant (IP = 200 MW) including rockfill dam, underground power house and auxiliary works

    more Hydropower Plant - Gilgel Gibe - Read more

  • Map Giurgiu Rasmiresti  Romania

    Giurgiu Ramiresti

    Place: Giurgiu - Romania


    Description: Irrigation scheme with water from the Danube and irrigated area of 155'000 ha

    more Irrigation - Giurgiu Ramiresti - Read more


    Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Place: Benishangul Gumuz Region - Ethiopia


    Description: Hydroelectric Power Plant with an Installed Power of 6'000 MW

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  • hydropower plants project - consultants engineers - Portland, St. Thomas, St. Catherine, Trelawny, St. Thomas; Jamaica, Central America - photo

    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Portland, St. Thomas, St. Catherine, Trelawny, St. Thomas - Jamaica

    Description : This project includes prefeasibility and feasibility studies for five small hydropower plants in Jamaica

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  • Overflow dam design - water supply -  Concrete gravity overflow dam Kabwe, Zambia Africa - Concrete dams design - Studio Pietrangeli dams conslutants engineers in Africa, Zambia dam consultancy firm overflow dam design

    Water supply

    Place: Kabwe - Zambia


    Description: Kabwe urban water supply scheme – Reservoir storage capacity: 12 Mm³

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  • Hydropower plant of Kalivac - Hydroelectric power plant - Concrete Gravity Dam - Albania, Europe - Photo

    Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Place: Kalivac - Albania


    Description: Kalivac Hydropower Plant has 108 MW of installed power

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  • Rockfill dam with bitouminous face , rockfill dams - water supply and hydropower -  Gonabis Wetland, Tanzania, TZ Africa - dams engineers - rockfill dams - gravity dams Studio Pietrangeli

    Rockfill dam

    Place: Mikulazi Forest Reserve - Tanzania


    Description: Bituminous face rockfill dam for irrigation, water supply and hydropower purposes

    more Rockfill dam - Kidunda - Read more

  • Hydropower cascade plant  of Kyoga - Nile river, Uganda, Africa - Bituminous Facing Rockfill Dam - Photo

    Kyoga - Nile
    Hydropower Cascade

    Place: Kyoga Nile river - Uganda


    Description: Kamdini (Karuma) is the first plant of the Kyoga-Nile cascade.

    Kibaa is the second plant of the cascade, located 43 km downstream of Kamdini (Karuma) hpp.

    Murchison is the third plant of the Kyoga-Nile cascade, located 35 km downstream of Kibaa hpp.

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  • rockfill dam - water supply - rockfill dam consutant - rockfill dams - water supply - dam engineers - dams engineering - dam design firm - dams firm - concrete dam - dam consultancy firm in Africa - Ethiopia and Europe -  rockfill dams - water supply

    Rockfill dam

    Place : Cyprus


    Description : Storage works for Famagusta urban water supply.

    more Rockfill dam - Lefkara - Read more

  • Buttress Gravity dam design firm - dams engineers - gravity dam - water supply dams engineering dams design firm - buttress gravity dam design consultants - water supply concrete buttress dam design - gravity  Legadadi Ehiopia Africa

    Hollow Gravity Dam

    Place: Addis Ababa - Ethiopia


    Description: Addis Ababa urban water supply scheme with a storage capacity of 40 Mm³

    more Hollow Gravity Dam - Legadadi - Read more

  • Hydropower plant  cascade  -  hydroelectric engineers - hydro consultancy firm, Limonlu, Turkey, Europe - Studio Pietrangeli Hydropower plant cascade

    Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Place: Mersin - Turkey


    Description: Limonlu hpp comprises 4 power plants in cascade to be constructed in 2 phases on the Lamas River: Phase 1 = 50 MW and Phase 2 = 26 MW.

    more Hydroelectric Power Plant - Limonlu - Read more

  • Large Civil Works - Military Housing - Studio Pietrangeli engineers

    Military housing

    Place: S. Michele sul Liscia - Italy


    Description: U.S. NAVY housing residential complex

    more Military housing - Liscia - Read more

  • Overflow dam design - Concrete gravity overflow dam - water supply - Little Beles - Ethiopia Africa - Concrete dams design - Studio Pietrangeli dam conslutants engineers in Africa, Europe, America, Asia

    Little Beles
    Gravity dam

    Place: Little Beles River - Ethiopia


    Description: Reservoir for water supply witha a storage capacity equal to 3.5 Mm³

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  • Water Supply - Hydraulic project design consultin engineers - Studio Pietrangeli leading dam and hydro power plant design firm in Africa and europe

    Lower Diamphwe
    Multi-purpose hydroelectric project

    Place: Lilongwe - Malawi


    Description: This project includes the Lower Diamphwe Multi-purpose Dam and associated structures for supply of water to Lilongwe and the surrounding areas

    more Multi-purpose hydroelectric project - Lower Diamphwe - Read more

  • lufubu

    hydroelectric project

    Location: North of Zambia


    Description: The Lufubu Cascade project, located in the on the Lufubu River, envisages the construction of three hydropower plants with a total installed capacity of 325 MW (energy annual production of 1'280 GWh /y).


    more hydroelectric project - Lufubu - Read more

  • Water Supply - domestic water supply pipeline for the city of Lusaka, Zambia - Studio Pietrangeli Dams Consultants in Africa and Europe

    Water supply

    Place:  Lusaka - Zambia


    Description : Lusaka project including domestic water supply pipeline for the city of Lusaka, Emergency health works in the area of Matero, in the industrial area and in the township.



    more Water supply - Lusaka - Read more

  • Concrete Gravity dam consultant - Gravity dams - rockfill dams of Maccheronis, Italy Studio Pietrangeli dams engineering - dams engineers - gravity dams

    Gravity dam upgrade

    Place: Maccheronis - Italy


    Description: Reservoir capacity augmentation through the heightening of an existing concrete gravity dam and through a new spillway on the left abutment

    more Gravity dam upgrade - Maccheronis - Read more

  • rockfill dam consultant - rockfill dams - gravity dams consultants - concrete dam - dams consultants Studio Pietrangeli - Acqueduct Maswa Tanzania TZ Africa


    Place: District of Maswa - Tanzania 


    Description: Maswa project including domestic water supply pipeline for the district of Maswa for: population (year 2006) ( 79,000 inhab. ), Pro-capite water supply ( 250 l/ ), Irrigation requirements ( 50 m3/ )

    more Acqueduct  - Maswa - Read more

  • Water Supply - Hydraulic Works for Millennium Park, Nigeria, Africa - Water Supply / Hydraulic project of Studio Pietrangeli

    Millennium Park
    Water Supply

    Place: Abuja - Nigeria 


    Description: Design of hydraulic works, water supply and irrigation system, reservoir and tanks for Millenium Park in Abuja

    more Water Supply - Millennium Park - Read more

  • Muchinga topView bridge Zambia

    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Kabwe - Zambia 


    Description: Hydropower Plant (IP = 255 MW) on lower Lunsemfwa River downstream of the Mita Hill Dam and the Lusemfwa Powerhouse

    more Hydropower Plant - Muchinga - Read more

  • Rockfill Dam Consultant - rockfill dam with Bituminous Facing - rockfill dams consultants - dam consultancy firm - water supply in Africa - Uganda Murchison - Studio Pietrangeli pumped storage company - hydropower cascade

    Hydropower cascade

    Place: River of Kyoga-Nile - Uganda


    Description: Murchison is the third plant of the Kyoga-Nile cascade, located 35 km downstream of Kibaa hpp

    more Hydropower cascade - Murchison - Read more

  • Rockfill dam consultant - concrete dam - gravity dam design arch dam - Hydropower cascade engineering - hydro consultancy firm - hydroelectric engineers Studio Pietrangeli - Georgia, Europe

    Hydropower Cascade

    Place: Imereri Region - Georgia 


    Description: Namakhvani HPP Cascade, includes the construction of three hydropower schemes on the Rioni river with a total installed capacity of 450 MW

    more Hydropower Cascade - Namakhvani - Read more

  • Porto Romano Top View

    Porto Romano

    Place: Fiumicino - Italy 


    Description: Yacht Harbour is on the right side of the Tevere River floodplain, about 1 km from the mouth

    more Marina  - Porto Romano - Read more

  • Pumped storage plant design - Pumped storage Company - Pumped storage plant design -  Hydroelectric pumped storage company - Studio Pietrangeli - Hydroelectric engineers - Rio Grande, Cordoba, Argentina, South America

    Rio Grande
    Pumped Storage Plant

    Place: Cordoba - Argentina 


    Description: Hydroelectric Plant with Pumped Station 

    more Pumped Storage Plant - Rio Grande - Read more

  • Concrete gravity dams for water supply - Rio Mannu - Concrete dam design - Studio Pietrangeli dam consultants dam design firm - dams engineering - in Africa and Europe

    Rio Mannu
    Gravity dam

    Place: Nuoro - Italy


    Description: Concrete gravity dam for water supply and irrigation to be constructed in two phases : Phase 1 – Gravity Dam H = 19 m, V = 400.000 m³, Phase 2 – Reservoir Augmentation (V = 2.000.000 m³)

    more Gravity dam - Rio Mannu - Read more

  • Roma east Panoramic

    Roma Est
    Sewage Plant

    Place: Roma - Italy 


    Description:  Sewage treatment plant for domestic and industrial waste water

    more Sewage Plant - Roma Est - Read more

  • Hydropower - Hydroelectric Power Plant - Hydro Consultancy - Hydropower Engineering - Rumakali, Iringa, Tanzania, Africa

    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Iringa - Tanzania 


    Description: Hydroelectric Power Plant, with IP = 525 MW, which exploits of 5 catchment areas, providing a total of Q = 23 m³/s and a geodetic head of 1,423 m

    more Hydropower Plant - Rumakali - Read more

  • Gravity dam design - Ruzizi II - Burundi, Africa - Hydroelectric engineers - hydro consultancy firm - Studio Pietrangeli dams engineering

    Transmission Line & Hydropower Plant

    Place: EGL Region - Burundi - Rwanda - Democratic Republic of Congo


    Description: The main components of the project are: the Kamanyola Electrical Substation, the National Load Dispatching Centre, the Cascade Coordination Centre of the Ruzizi River, Transmission Lines (220 kV) and the Rehabilitation of Ruzizi I and Ruzizi II HPPs

    more Transmission Line & Hydropower Plant - Ruzizi - Read more

  • gravity dam design - SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT - WATER SUPPLY - large civil works - Tana Beles, Ethiopia, Africa

    Tana Beles
    Multi-purpose Project

    Place: Beles valley - Ethiopia


    Description: The ambitious Tana Beles project was located in the Metekel district of Ethiopia, covered an area of approximately 1,600 km2 to supply a population of approx. 80,000 inhabitants


    more Multi-purpose Project  - Tana Beles - Read more

  • Hydropower plant refurbishment - Preliminary and final design - hydro consultancy - Uvini - Santu Miali , Italy, Europe

    Uvini - Santu Miali
    Hydropower Plant Refurbishment

    Place: Sardinia - Italy 


    Description: Refurbishment of the Uvini hydropower plant

    more Hydropower Plant Refurbishment  - Uvini - Santu Miali - Read more

  • Hydropower engineering - hydroelectic power plant - Consultancy  and design dams - hydro power - Uribante, Tachira state ( Venezuela ), south america - Photo

    Hydropower Plant

    Place: Tachira state - Venezuela 


    Description:  Hydroelectric project with IP = 300 MW

    more Hydropower Plant - Uribante - Read more

  • Hydropower engineering - Hydroelectric power plant  in Administrative district of Zenica-Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Vranduk - Europe - Photo

    Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Place: Administrative district of Zenica-Doboj - Bosnia and Herzegovina


    Description: The Vranduk project consists in a run - off river power plant with an installed power of 19.6 MW

    more Hydroelectric Power Plant - Vranduk - Read more

  • Arch dam engineer - Arch gravity dam design - Dams engineers Studio Pietrangeli - Lybia Africa - dam consultancy firm - concrete dams engineering Wadi Zaza

    Wadi Zaza
    Gravity dam

    Place: Bengasi district - Libya


    Description: Wadu Zaza project includes two dams for irrigation purposes: Wadi Zaza and Wadi Got

    more Gravity dam - Wadi Zaza - Read more